The Student’s Best Friend

Serving K-12 and University students in Norman, the greater Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area, and beyond.

Offering intensive, hands-on assistance with the curricula of math, science and more, the TutorPUG team strives to form lasting relationships with their student clients, and to provide life coaching, mentoring and assistance beyond just classroom material.

 Our aim is not to churn out robots with A’s. We want our students to achieve to the best of their ability while always going to bat for them in school, mentoring, and life.

Our qualified, personable tutors have the ability to assist in your home, our offices, or a location of your choice in a variety of cities in the state of Oklahoma, the United States, and worldwide.

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Hear what others have to say about our services.


“We are so grateful for Katie and her team. With our three children, it was so much more than working on the material. They are great with the teaching, but more important for my children was her and her team’s ability to instill in them the confidence to successfully take a test.” ~Salle, parent of three 

“The TutorPUG team would always help me through step-by-step with each problem before letting me practice on my own to make sure I understood. Katie has a great attitude and makes math (my least favorite subject) not as bad. She even came to visit me out of state in college!” ~Charlotte, client for 7 years 

“Katie can be described as one in a million! She exemplifies a life coach as much as a tutor. Katie encompasses passion and love into her teaching which shows abundantly in each one of her students.” ~ Julie, parent of two