Q. Where do tutor sessions meet?

A. It depends on who you are working with!

  • If you are at OU and meeting with Katie or Deena, you meet at Campus Corner - 303 White Street. This is halfway between Volare (pizza) and the Baked Bear (ice cream sandwiches), right across from the Hurts Donut parking lot. We're like pugs, we orient ourselves in terms of food.
  • If you are meeting with another member of the tutoring team, you will coordinate your meeting place with your tutor.
  • If you are in high school, you will also coordinate your meeting place with your specific tutor - he or she can meet you at your house, or a local library, coffee shop, or mutually agreed upon place.


Q. How do I get started with a tutor from TutorPUG?

A. It's easy! Either call (405) 401-0097, or send an email to katie@tutorpug.com, or go to our "Contact Us" page and fill out the short form.

Q. Who will be my tutor?

A. That depends on if you are in middle school, high school, or college, and which class or subject you need help in. You will be with one of our team members, whom you can meet on our "About Us" page!

Q. What education and experience do tutors have?

A. All of our tutors have been trained by TutorPUG staff, and have been tutoring for 2+ years, minimum. Katie Kimberling has been tutoring privately as her full-time job for more than 13 years. Any ACT tutor has scored at least a 32 on the ACT, and some even higher. Tutors either have or are currently earning a master's degree or a bachelor's degree.

Q. Can you help me in any class?

A. While we specialize in math and science classes, we strive to offer help in any arena we can.  We can help with college level (and below) math, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, English and humanities in our sleep. If you need help in Latin IV, that might be outside the realm of our knowledge base, BUT we will strive to find you assistance through our networks to help you or your student in any class. Even Latin IV. Which sounds awful.

Q. How do I pay?

A. After thirteen years in the business, you learn a thing or two about what makes life easiest for the clients (and the TutorPUG accountant…who is scary!). We have tutoring packages available that limits the number of payments the client has to make. Nobody likes running to the ATM or writing checks every week, so we lump things into the fewest payments possible! Packages are available from 5 sessions at a time to an entire semester of tutoring.