A Tailored Approach to Learning.

When you thought you “had it,” but you don't…we help you “get it,” so you will! Everyone learns and processes information differently: we have worked with aural, visual and tactile learners. Our team is devoted to coming up with multiple ways to simplify complicated material for different learning styles, and to find each individual student’s “learning language."

We want our students to achieve to the best of their ability while always going to bat for them in school, interpersonal relationships, and life.

College Students

Are you enrolled in a college course you need help with? We tutor in all subjects, specializing in math and science. Learn more about our college packages and get started today!

K-12 Students

Our highly trained tutors are ready to provide a personalized learning experience for your child in the area of your choice. We offer tutoring services for all subjects and grade levels. Click to learn more about our K-12 tutor services.

ACT/SAT Preparation

Our ACT tutors are top test scorers and are highly successful college and graduate school students themselves. They KNOW how to study to be successful. Using TutorPUG's test prep materials, they can help you/your student achieve personal ACT/SAT goals!  Learn more about our Test Prep services.

Location flexibility/convenience

Our qualified, personable tutors have the ability to assist in your home, our offices, or a location of your choice in a variety of cities in the state of Oklahoma. (Or, as with this pug (Piper) and cat (Chomper), in your own backyard.) We also help students nationwide and internationally via Skype or FaceTime - study in your PJs!


"Where shall we meet?"
"Here's good."


Contact us for more information and a more comprehensive selection of our services and offerings!