Our Story

We are more than just math.
We are more than just school.
We are your academic partner in your preparation for life

Our Philosophy

In order for you as a student – at any level – to Prepare…Understand…and Grow, you need someone in your corner who will Listen…Care…Understand…and Share.

Tutoring is a long-term investment in your educational process. It takes more than a one-shot session to help you navigate the potentially rough seas of academia. You need someone you can trust, confide in, believe is in your corner at all times. We are here for you.

We at TutorPUG truly want to help. We have all been called to teach, coach, mentor or instruct in some way in our lives.

Our Approach

Parents. Peer pressure. Boyfriends, girlfriends, family issues. You’re grounded, your dog died, you didn’t make the team. And you are convinced your teacher is speaking Swahili and everyone else gets it – all of it – except you.

We all have been there. Even the smartest kid in the class struggles with something. (Maybe not math…but something. Promise.)

Our philosophy towards tutoring is that academic preparation for a subject is just one small factor contributing to a student’s overall success.  We are your partner in the whole picture. We listen, we care, we understand, we share.